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The company lays emphasis in the following principle tenets of any success information system implementation: -



Pinnacle RDS Ltd develops its products using a structured and open-ended approach in order to provide for future growth and/or integration with other systems.


Easy Installation

All custom-made software is developed to be easily installed on any standard Windows workstation and compatible with all ODBC compliant databases, and can be accessed by any internet or intranet enabled platform - regardless of OS - from anywhere in the world.


Development Environment

Systems are designed and developed in a Rapid Application Development (Delphi, VB or Clarion) environment utilizing various technologies e.g. .NET, ISAPI e.t.c and that incorporates powerful Relational Database Management Systems (Interbase, MSSQL Server or Oracle) in the flexible, 4th Generation Language that produces true native Windows EXE software.



They are made to encompass a user-friendly, fully menu-driven standard Windows Common User Access (CUA) interface that is designed to enable ease of use for even the most non-computer oriented user.


Running Environment

The Information Systems are also made to be able to run on any PC that has a Pentium 1 or higher processor, 32MB RAM, Windows software and at least 10MB of hard disk space.


Multi-User Network Capability

The systems are also optimised for Multi-user network operations.  Sophisticated record-locking conflict resolution mechanisms are included to avoid multi-user problems.  This means that many users can work simultaneously with a System without problems


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